OMAKASE is a fanzine dedicated to Miya Osamu from Haikyuu!This project will revolve around the idea of omakase, which roughly translates to "the chef's choice." Contributors will create art, merch, and writing dedicated to Osamu and their own personal specialty.Currently: Pre-shipping

What is a fanzine?A fanzine is a collaborative book made up of fics and artwork with accompanying merch. Omakase: An Osamu Zine features 100+ pages of Osamu-centric illustrations, concept arts, recipe's, fics, drabbles and journalistic-styled pieces (eg, news articles); and our merch includes 17+ stunning pieces from 41 incredible creators.Is this project for-profit, charity, or both?This project is 75% for profit and 25% for charity. We'll be donating 25% of our profits to charity.What is the theme of the zine?The theme for the zine is "Omakase," which means "chef's choice" or "chefs special". Contributors will create anything that they feel is their specialty, be it a specific AU, tags or genre (PG-13 rating permitting).Does this zine contain ships?No, this is a Gen zine. All relationships portrayed in the zine are platonic.How much will the zine cost?PDF digital zine only...........$15
Physical zine only..................$25
Half merch bundle...............$25
Full merch only bundle......$40
Half zine bundle.....................$45
Full zine bundle.......................$60
*get 10% off all full bundles in the first 24 hours starting 6pm EST on JULY 31!What is a GO?
A GO or Group Order is a combined order typically hosted by a single person, or GOM (Group Order Manager), to save money on shipping and import by splitting it amongst all "joiners" (everyone who joins). If you're interested in hosting your own, please check out our GO page! If you're interested in joining one, the GOM/host will provide their own info on their own process which can vary GOM to GOM.


She/They | 30+

mod dodo -
Head, Finance, Shipping, Layout

Experience: Dodo has been a finance, shipping layout, merch and art mod for multiple zines. See her carrd for a full list.Aside from zines, Mod Dodo has had many years of business and finance sector, and has co- or solo organized small-medium comic con & fandom events.Omakase: In-depth AU long fics with heaps of lore and worldbuilding details that never get finished or posted :u:

She/They | 30+

mod jess - Graphics

Experience: Jess is a utility player in zine & event modding, with graphics, organization, finances, layout, shipping, and social media roles under her belt. Check out her mod cred hereOmakase: My specialty is reaching a balance between making my fandom obsession a living wage and making others' fandom dreams a reality.

She/Her | 25

mod kiki - Art, Social Media

Experience: kiki is new to the mod role, but very keen to learn. As an artist in 10+ HQ!! zines since the manga ended, kiki is certified obsessed and absolutely ready to cheer you on. She'll be managing our social media presence, there for any art questions and/or shouts for support for Omakase. Check out her contributor experience hereOmakase: inorganic destruction of pen nibs

She/Her | 20+

MOD AIVILOTI - Writer, beta

Experience: Liv has been part of many zines both as a mod and a contributor. She is excited to be here as an Osamu enjoyer! You can see her impressive experience hereOmakase: A coffee problem


Interest CheckDec 15
Contributor Apps OpenJan 14
Contributor Apps CloseFeb 13
Application Results ReleasedMar 6
Concept Check-inMar 27
1st Check-InApr 17
2nd Check-InMay 15
3rd Check-InJun 12
Final Deadline (Zine cover & Merch)Jul 13
Final Deadline (Zine content)Jul 27
PreordersJuly 31
ShippingEstimate JAN-FEB
* All dates subject to minor changes 

Store FAQ & t&c's

What is a stretch goal?Stretch goals are FREE bonus merch items/upgrades you'll receive with your pre-order IF we hit the sales goals to unlock them.
Please see each Big Cartel listing for what bundles qualify for which stretch goals.
Where will you be shipping from?All physical bundles will be shipped from the UKAre you shipping internationally?Yes, we shipping worldwide.How much will shipping cost?UK orders:
Full bundles - $7, $5 per additional item
Everything else - $6, $4 per additional item
international orders
Full bundles - $15, $13 per additional item⭐
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Tracking Upgrade: +$7⭐⭐
⭐Sadly, banquets this big don’t come lightly and weigh notably more than other bundles.⭐⭐We'd STRONGLY recommend a shipping upgrade, particularly for the following due to higher loss rates: Singapore, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia.We hate shipping just as much as you do, but it is, unfortunately, a necessary evil.Are you open to international GO's?Yes! Please see the "GO's" section of this site for more info! We'll boost any GO's posted/advertised on Twitter, be sure to tag us.
We cannot accept responsibility for how a group order manager (GOM) handles a GO, but will do what we can to help should a problem arise.
Can you combine orders with friends without ordering through a group order manager (GOM)?Yes, you can! A combined shipping discount has already been set up in our store. However, this is a flat-rate discount, it may be worth checking the GO spreadsheet's "shipping guidelines" tab or contacting us to see if shipping will be cheaper!If I order with a friend or in a group order(GO), will I still get all eligible stretch goals and other perks?Yes you will! Each bundle within a GO will come with all eligible, unlocked stretch goals & perks.If I preorder during the 24 opening sale, or earlier in the pre-orders period, will I miss the chance of other perks you might or might not announce during preorders?No, ordering early will not impact your eligibility for perks we... might or might not have planned. |ω`)Will you be running another sale during pre-orders?No.
- This zine is rated PG-13 and is unsuitable for anyone aged 13 or younger without a parent or guardians' approval.
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Group orders

If you're interested in running a Group Order (GO) for Omakase: A Miya Osamu Zine, here is everything you need to know. Please read this section and have a look at the GO spreadsheet which contains further info. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!----------------------------How to submit a GO---
Please provide us with the following information for EACH order in your GO:
- name or ref
- Type of bundle(s) being ordered and quantities of each bundle
- PDF add-on y/n (see spreadsheet re PDF's)
- Email address#
- Total price
# = Email addresses are only needed if your joiners opt for a PDFWhen you have the above info, please download and fill out THIS SPREADSHEET with all your GO info.Submit it by emailing it to [email protected] OR via Twitter DM's (@miyaosamuzine).GO'S MUST BE SUBMITTED BY NO LATER THAN SEPT 1st!---PAYMENT---Payment for GOs to be made via Paypal or Stripe invoice. 80% partial payment will be acceptable. Orders are final & non-refundable once paid for in part or full.We'll send you an invoice for the combined total with an estimated shipping price shortly after receiving the spreadsheet.The final shipping invoice will be sent once we're ready to start shipping. Once you've completed this invoice, we'll provide tracking info and an ETA asap. GO’s will be given priority when we start shipping.---ADDITIONAL INFO---- We’ll be using UPS who have set rates based on volume rather than weight. Please see the “Price Guidelines” tab of the spreadsheet for estimates on prices by country/number of bundles. Please note that prices do fluctuate a little and these should be used as an estimate.- Lighter GO's may be sent via Royal Mail tracked if it’s more cost-effective for you. We'll let you know what the cheapest option is after submitting your GO.- GO's will be covered for loss or damage in transit to the GOM. Please inspect each bundle and contact us if anything arrives damaged.- You can opt to have your bundles pre-packaged and ready to ship to your joiners. If you opt-out of this, we’ll include packaging materials anyway IF we can fit them in the box free of charge.